John's symbolic and conceptual work explores humanity's bio-digital evolution, our relationship with nature, how individual human agency drives our understanding of our own identity, and the nature of knowledge and faith.  John often explores two or more of these themes together, creating richly layered pieces that provide fertile soil for contemplation.
A note about my symbolic and conceptual artwork: It is my opinion that everyone experiences art differently, and that the viewer's relationship with a piece of work is completely independent of the artist's relationship with the work when it was created. Therefore, you may find emotion and meaning in my work that I never imagined. This is not wrong, and you are not wrong.  It is simply the way things are.  For this reason, I have not shared my thoughts about the meaning that these pieces hold and represent for me so as to allow you, the viewer, to experience them in a way that is fully your own.  That said, I am always happy to talk about my work and share my thoughts about specific pieces privately if you would like to discuss.  My Contact page or social media is the best way to reach me.   
Similarly, for purchase information about any of my pieces, please reach me via my Contact page. 

Cortana, Salvatore Mundi. Willow charcoal on Strathmore 400 fine art paper, 22x28 inches (matted and framed), 2019.  Available.  

"Balance," soft pastel on Strathmore 500 charcoal fine art paper, 33x27 inches (matted and framed), 2018. Available.

Wild and the Wilderness II, *Hybrid charcoal and digital drawing, 16x20 inches matted and framed, 2017. Available as limited edition print (25 total).

*This piece was first drawn in vine charcoal on Strathmore 500 laid charcoal paper, and then photographed and digitally manipulated to add large pixelation squares.  The resulting image is printed on acid free fine art paper with archival inks. 

Facing the Day, *Hybrid charcoal and digital drawing, 2016. Available as limited edition print (25 total). 

*Drawn with charcoal on Canson paper, and then photographed, and colored digitally. Printed, then re-photographed and digitally pixelated, and finally printed again on acid free paper fine art paper with archival inks. 

Death of Doris, graphite pencil on Strathmore 400 Drawing paper, 
11x14 inches (matted and framed), 2018. Available. 

Doris was the Greek goddess of the Sea's Bounty.  The following original poem (also by John Mullinax)
is hand-printed on the mat surrounding this drawing:

Death of Doris

The unexpected menagerie of horrors
arrived at the appointed hour.

Acid dissolved her bones
Detritus bound her body and 
Burst her bowels.

Poison pervaded her flesh.

She died choking on refuse
As algae robbed her lungs.

Muffled screams
Echoed from castle walls
On sandy shores
Where waves bore her 

Only Time
The great digester
Excreter of hubris and
Good intentions
Remembered her existence.

The Earth is the Mother of All People, vine charcoal and graphite on smooth bristol board, 16x20 inches (matted and framed), 2017. Available. 

The words written within the white stripes of the flag are selected parts of Chief Joseph's speech to Congress in 1879.  Chief Joseph's pose references and re-contextualizes the famous photo of Chief Joseph by Edward Curtis from 1903. 

Sanctuary, vine charcoal on Strathmore 400 Drawing paper, 11x14 inches (matted and framed), 2018. Available.  

This drawing references a photo by Sebastian Cvitanic of Argentinian ballerina, Agus Murray, and is used with permission. 

The Choosing, vine charcoal and soft pastel on Strathmore 500 laid charcoal paper, 11x14 inches (matted and framed), 2019.  Available. 

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