Rendered in vine charcoal or graphite pencil on fine art paper, John's portraits are organic, timeless works of fine art that stand out in a digital world too often in a hurry. The selected examples of John's portrait work here are already sold, and are presented for your enjoyment. To learn about commissioning a portrait, please check Commissions or simply reach out via the Contact page
John's portrait's are often given as gifts, which makes sense as the gift of a portrait is one of the highest possible expressions of love and worth.The subjects of a portrait *matter*, and are reminded of this fact every time they see a portrait hanging in their home or the home of a loved one. Portraits are also great connectors -- they connect us to our family members of today, to family members no longer with us, and they are family heirlooms that will connect future generations to their heritage. 
Showing a range and evolution of styles and techniques in both charcoal and graphite pencil, portraits on this page have been selected by jurors and won awards at multiple exhibitions around Southeast Michigan. 
Please contact John or see the Commissions page to to learn more about John's portrait drawing process, the easy commission process, and John's availability to create an heirloom quality custom portrait for you. 

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